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​about us

The beginning of ALL BLUE COLORS

I want to make good things. That's why ALL BLUE COLORS started. It all started when I saw Naoto Fukasawa's style of professional work. Like the first time you hear a song you'll love later, this is it. The feeling ran through my brain. Later, I enrolled in the night club of a vocational school where I could study product design, and worked and studied at MUJI during the day. After graduating, I was helped by a design office, but before I started my own business, I was doing work apart from design. I was thinking that if I come up with something good someday, I will try to make it. One day when ideas are piling up, it's today. and started the business. UFORCLIP is the first step of the dream.

Good things that ALL BLUE COLORS thinks

We define good products as durable, functional, and affectionate minimalistic designs, and aim to create products that satisfy these requirements.

A little strange part of ALL BLUE COLORS

Plan, design, design, order, verify, assemble, create a logo, create a package, take videos and photos, create a website, and ship it. My husband and I do the whole process together. Assemble it at the dining table in the living room, take a walk, investigate, have a meeting, assemble it, remake it over and over, how about it over and over again? I would be happy if you could ask me. That's how I make things. It's an era where you can find something out if you look into it, so I think this kind of thing is possible. My wife works as a nursery teacher several days a week. My daily routine is listening to what happened there, dancing to music, and taking walks. I hope that someday someone will be able to convey the consistency that arises from being in charge of the entire process with two people.

Beginning of UFORCLIP

I was able to create something good at the idea stage. I thought. I was good at drawing three-dimensional objects in my head, so I was convinced that I could create something good in my head. When I actually made a prototype (model) and put it together, I could post it from all directions, and when I was able to insert and remove the paper with one hand... Oh. I was surprised. From there, I cut the shape, shaved it, made it smaller, made it strong and cool, and chose my favorite color, and it was done. I'm making it because I think it would be nice if it became something for someone for the rest of their lives. Since the production volume is small, it is foreseen that it will be sold out soon and the stock will be revived repeatedly. Please try using it. I would be happy if I received it as a present.

Origin of the name ALL BLUE COLORS

If you look at the distant mountains, they are blue. Growing up at the foot of Mt. Yatsugatake in Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture, I have loved overlapping blue since I was a child. ​ I like blue both in nature and in clothes, so I named it ALL BLUE COLORS.




2020  ALL BLUE COLORS start

2021   trial and error

2022  UFORCLIP sales start

2023   New items to be released

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